“The environment must be a living one, directed by a higher intelligence, arranged by an adult who is prepared for his mission.”
~ Maria Montessori

Our Teachers

One of our school's greatest strengths is the highly trained and qualified teachers who take a personal interest in their students and parents. Our experienced teachers understand that when the bond between home and school is closely knit, the child feels connected and secure, awakening his/her natural abilities. The teachers are eager to share Montessori's joy and offer a rich, engaging environment prepared specially for your child.

Our Montessori teachers function as facilitators of learning. They are the environment's designers, resource person, guide, role model, demonstrator, and meticulous observer and recorder of each student’s behavior and growth. In addition to their college educations, all of our headteachers hold a Montessori diploma. The entire staff participates in continuing education efforts in child development, Montessori Methodology, and California state requirements. Newport Montessori School is very proud of our teaching staff and invites you to become better acquainted with them.