“Education cannot be effective unless it helps the child open up himself to life.”
~ Maria Montessori

Kindergarten Collegiate Activities

Science Fair

Dr. Maria Montessori characterizes Kindergarten and First-grade students as being in the second plane of development. This is the age of reasoning where; children develop a deep interest in “why” and “how”.
At MMS, our students are allowed to explore, question, and understand cause and effect problems. They demonstrate this intellectual ability at our annual Science Fair, highlighting their interests, curiosity, and independent thinking.

Cultural Week

Every year students at MMS come together to celebrate “Children Around the World. Each classroom chooses a continent, and students enjoy learning geographical, culinary, musical, artistic, and local traditions and countries' cultural norms within the continent. This celebration also gives the parents from those countries the opportunity to share that culture from their perspective on “multicultural morning”. The week culminates with student presentations of “we are different, we are the same”.


MMS honors the Kindergarten and First Grade students at our annual graduation ceremony. Parents and the teachers come together to celebrate this joyous moment of achievements and new beginnings. By graduation, students have found their independence while developing a strong academic foundation and life skills repertoire.