“The environment must be rich in motive, interest to activities, and invite the child to conduct its own experiences.”
~ Maria Montessori

Kindergarten Enrichment


Our music program involves developing children’s awareness and love of music through singing, the movement to music, and listening. The music program develops to include basic music theory, music history and appreciation, and performance.

Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language plays an important part of the Montessori experience. The children learn vocabulary and conversational skills through singing and games. Twice a week, our Language teacher provides the children with stimulating materials from flashcards to worksheets.


The foundation for art and drawing is the same as that for writing: exercises that develop the fingers and hands' muscles for holding pencils and making controlled movements. Besides, the development of the senses through the sensorial exercises aids the child’s awareness and artistic appreciation of his environment. Montessori’s arts method is a good example of her indirect approach to learning, which leads to increased creativity.

Physical Fitness

We realize the importance and necessity of physical fitness as part of every child’s well-being. Children enjoy creative movement and are offered lots of opportunities for various physical skills such as throwing and catching a ball, balancing on a beam, running, climbing, dancing, marching, etc.