“It is necessary that the child teach himself, and then the success is great.”
~ Maria Montessori

Toddler Program Description

The children enjoy their beautiful environment furnished with tables, chairs, shelving, sinks, counters, and toilets just the right size for them. Well planned materials to work with meet their growing needs for exploration, movement, practical life, language, socialization, personal care, the wonderment of nature, independence, and self-awareness. The atmosphere is stimulating, nurturing, and respectful, allowing each child to experience learning through exploration while feeling safe, confident, and participating in their community.

We offer a year-round program for children ages 18 months through 36 months. Each of our locations has two Montessori toddler environments, one for younger toddlers ages 18-30 months and the other for older toddlers ages 24-36 months. Our minimum staff ratio for the younger toddlers is six children for every one teacher. Our minimum staff ratio for the older toddlers is seven children for every one teacher. Children do not need to be walking or toilet trained to enter our program. We offer a half or full-day option.

Our toddler community's foundation is our very dedicated Montessorians nurturing, supportive, and respectful of the children. Their observation skills allow them to give the children just the right work or assistance they need.

The bathroom is a social area where children gain experience with dressing and undressing themselves, using the toilet just their size. The children’s spare clothing and underwear/pull-ups are at their level. The staff helps the children help themselves. This may mean helping children gain confidence, skill, and muscle strength to dress and undress themselves, or simply to observe a child struggling to pull their pants over their feet and allow them to experience success with minimal interference and guidance.

Our outdoor toddler environment is an extension of our classrooms; they allow freedom to explore and express. Our large yard is a generous space for activities like playing basketball. We have additional areas for playing on the grass and climbing on the gym. The children also have a garden where they love to help plant, weed, water, and pick fruits, flowers, and vegetables. They enjoy putting food out for the birds and squirrels. Worms, snails, and butterflies are daily favorites to observe.

Daily parent communication sheets inform you of your child’s feeding, sleeping, and diaper changing/potty training schedule as well as any special activities or milestones that occurred each day. Parents may schedule an appointment any time after 3:30 pm to speak directly with a teacher. Observation windows are available and encouraged for parent usage.